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Trish Lacy Reed


Tish Lacy Reed has been on a spiritual quest for many years to depict many types of artwork in many mediums. She describes her process as "a revival of an ancient modality depicting a reverent paradigm of creativity within a spiritual context." Some of the works you see here represent this journey. When Tish finishes a piece, at times she wonders where it came from, thus concluding that she is just the vessel from which these images flow and that there is a higher power at work. Most recently, she has been exploring oil/cold wax. Having worked extensively prior to cold wax with Encaustics, which requires a lot of equipment and can be highly toxic, cold wax is stable and pliable at room temperature, but still gives that feeling of luminosity and depth within the layers like Encaustic. Tish's hope is that you will be touched by the pieces she creates and that they will bring you peace and joy.

Trish Lacy Reed Art