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Sharon Tymes

Sharon Tymes currently lives in Monument, Colorado, and draws inspiration from the tall trees and abundant wildlife that surrounds her home. Sharon didn't begin painting until she was in her forties, but has fallen in love with oil and watercolor painting and with teaching budding artists. She is a certified instructor in both Bob Ross Landscape Painting and Valerie Stewart Portrait Painting, and she teaches these classes from her home. She also accepts private commission work for portraits.

Sharon Tymes Art 


Custom Art  

Custom Art prices vary on the size, detail, number of faces and so on. Sharon can do a wide range of custom art, she can even take a black a white photo and create a colored painting. There is some basic pricing below, of course these are not exact prices everything is up to the artist. If interested in collaborating with Sharon Tymes for a custom art piece, please send an email to In the subject line please put "Custom Art -Sharon Tymes" and leave the details about what you would like in the body text. Some things we would like to know or have are a picture if you have one, a detail description, size, medium, frame preferences and color. 


1 Person head and shoulders = $300

Each additional person is =$150 

Example: two people would be $450, Three people would be $600

Full body with more detailed back ground like the painting "Naked Firefighter" can be around $500


Head and shoulders = $200

More detailed animals with full body like the painting "Touchdown" can be around $650

 Examples of Custom Art: 

 "Baxtor"           "Touchdown"           Naked Firefighter           The Feenstras