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Nancy Cavins

Nancy Cavins is a self-taught artist whose love for nature was cultivated at an early age by her father in her western Pennsylvania childhood. Nancy gained notoriety in the Folk Art world due to her historic, Amish land upbringing, as that is the primary influence on her art. It wasn't until a pilgrimage to Yellowstone that Nancy moved on to the many challenges brought on by painting wildlife. With an amazing eye for color and form, her paintings reflect the true respect she has for nature, and with each stroke of the brush, Nancy breathes life into her paintings. Nancy has a unique gift that she loves to share with all those who share her love for the beauty of wildlife. Her eye for detail and her ability to capture realism is astounding, and Nancy feels as though her paintbrush is an extension of her heart, the Paint an extension of her eyes, and the canvas is the culmination of her talent.


Nancy Cavins Art