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Marion Ward

Marion Ward describes herself as a fearless artist willing to take creative risks and push conceptual boundaries. She is highly passionate about art, technology, and the processes involved in the creation of her pieces. She loves working with recycled materials, especially metal, and feels that she is able to bring ideas to life by making concepts a reality. Art has helped Marion to cope with loss, survive cancer, and plant new roots in an unfamiliar place. Marion is skilled in fusing, cutting and measuring tools, as well as mechanical assembly. She is trained in MIG, TIG, GMA-WELDING and oxy-acetylene welding and is also qualified in blueprint interpretation. Marion began working as a free-lance artist in 2014 and has never looked back. She opened a booth at the American Classic Market Place in September 2014 and has been participating in the annual CMHS crafts fair since 2014. She began selling pieces at Febra's in 2015, and continues to expand her business through some other shops as well.


Marion Ward Art